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Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman


by Arthur Miller

Death of a Salesman Biff Loman Quotes

Willy Loman > Biff Loman

Quote 19

WILLY [suddenly conscious of Biff, turns and looks up at him, then begins pocking up the packages of seeds in confusion]: Where the hell is that seed? [indignantly] You can’t see nothing out here! They boxed in the whole goddamn neighborhood!

BIFF: There are people all around here. Don’t you realize that?

WILLY: I’m busy. Don’t bother me. (Act 2)

Willy's frustration at feeling trapped in his own home only shortly before his suicide reflects his profound desire for freedom and escape. Does his suicide provide that escape, or is it just the biggest trap of all?

Biff Loman > Linda Loman

Quote 20

BIFF: Because I know he’s a fake and he doesn’t like anybody around who knows!

LINDA: Why a fake? In what way? What do you mean?

BIFF: Just don’t lay it all at my feet. It’s between me and him—that’s all I have to say. (Act 1)

Biff feels betrayed by his father's affair, but refuses to tell Linda. Does he do this out of loyalty to his father, or is he just trying to protect Linda from the truth? Is he, in a way, betraying his mother by not telling her the truth of his father's infidelity?

Willy Loman > Biff Loman

Quote 21

WILLY: She’s nothing to me, Biff. I was lonely, I was terribly lonely.

BIFF: You—you gave her Mama’s stockings! [His tears break through and he rises to go] (Act 2)

Unable to fully lash out at his father, Biff focuses his anger on the stockings. The stockings are used as a symbol of betrayal throughout the play.