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Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman


by Arthur Miller

Death of a Salesman: We’ll Save You the Suspense—He Dies True or False

1. What does Willy realize on his way home from a business trip? -> That he has been driving in the wrong direction
2. What does Linda suggest that Willy ask his boss? -> That he give him a raise
3. What are the names of Willy’s sons? -> Rambo and Gigglepuss
4. What does Willy think of how Biff is living his life? -> He is wasting his talents
5. What does Linda admit to her sons? -> She gave birth to them shortly after an alien abduction and is not sure if they are Willy’s biological sons or if they are half-Venusian
6. Why is Biff planning to see a man named Bill Oliver? -> Because he is going to ask him for a loan
7. How does Willy’s boss respond to his request for a transfer? -> He fires him
8. Why do Biff and Happy abandon their father at the restaurant? -> Because he ordered something with garlic, and no way were they going to be smelling that for the next two hours
9. Why does Willy feel that suicide is the answer? -> Because he is holding his sons back, and they will not be able to succeed until he is gone
10. About what does Linda wonder at Willy’s funeral? -> Whether or not Biff was actually responsible for his death