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The Death of Ivan Ilych

The Death of Ivan Ilych


by Leo Tolstoy

Peter Ivanovich Timeline and Summary

  • Peter Ivanovich meets with Shebek and Fedor Vasilievich in Shebek's office during a recess at the law courts.
  • They learn of Ivan's death and funeral from the newspaper, and chat about it.
  • Peter Ivanovich goes home and has dinner with his wife, then leaves for Ivan's house to attend the service there.
  • Near the entrance Peter Ivanovich meets Schwartz, who indicates he'd like to set up the evening bridge game.
  • Passing into the room where Ivan's corpse rests, Peter Ivanovich spends a little while with the deceased Ivan.
  • This makes him very nervous.
  • His nerves on end, Peter Ivanovich leaves the room to go find Schwartz again and let himself be perked up. They discuss bridge.
  • Praskovya Fedorovna interrupts the conversation and asks Peter Ivanovich to go off with her to the drawing room for a chat.
  • After telling Peter about Ivan's last days, she prods him to tell her how she can get more money out of the government now that she's a widow.
  • Peter Ivanovich goes to the service, sits through it miserably, and then goes to the bridge game as soon as it's over.
  • Later in the novella but earlier in time, Ivan visits Peter Ivanovich and goes with him to see a doctor.