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The Death of Ivan Ilych

The Death of Ivan Ilych


by Leo Tolstoy

Praskovya Fedorovna Golovina Timeline and Summary

  • We meet Praskovya Fedorovna at Ivan's funeral, where she asks Peter Ivanovich to have a chat with her.
  • Her main interest appears to be learning how to get more money from her widowhood.
  • We learn of Praskovya Fedorovna's marriage to Ivan in one of the provinces during their younger years.
  • She falls in love with him because of his dancing. Their marriage is initially easy and pleasant.
  • When Praskovya Fedorovna becomes pregnant with her first child, her mood changes for the worst.
  • Changes in Praskovya Fedorovna's behavior and attitude drive a wedge between her and Ivan. Ivan spends less time at home as a result.
  • After Praskovya Fedorovna's child is born, Ivan continues to retreat and Praskovya Fedorovna grows to dislike him still more.
  • Praskovya Fedorovna bears Ivan several more children, and loses all but one of them.
  • The couple is able to have a "truce" once Ivan finds a job and a house in St. Petersburg.
  • When she arrives in Petersburg Praskovya Fedorovna is totally enchanted by the new house.
  • Praskvovya Fedorovna and Ivan continue to get along as they both try their hand at home decorating and make new friends in St. Petersburg.
  • Things sour between Praskovya Fedorovna and Ivan Ilych when he falls ill.
  • Praskovya Fedorovna decides she hates him and doesn't mind if he dies (except that she doesn't want to lose his salary). She also forces him to see a doctor.
  • When Ivan returns from his first doctor's visit, Praskovya Fedorovna is unworried and goes out shopping with Lisa.
  • As Ivan grows increasingly ill, Praskovya Fedorovna decides his illness must be his own fault for not taking adequate care of himself and not following the doctors' orders.
  • Praskovya Fedorovna is told by her brother one day that Ivan looks like a dead man; Praskovya refuses to believe it.
  • When she next sees her husband, she is extra careful to give him an exceptionally kind look. Later that night she comes upon Ivan banging at his night table.
  • One morning, Praskovya Fedorovna calls in a specialist to have a consultation with Ivan's regular doctor, Michael Danilovich.
  • That night, Praskovya Fedorovna and the rest of the family go out to the theater.
  • Returning from the theater, Praskovya Fedorovna gives Ivan some opium to help with his pain.
  • Four days before Ivan's death, Praskovya Fedorovna comes to tell Ivan that Lisa's suitor Fedor Petrovich has proposed.
  • Later in the day, she brings in a priest for Ivan to take communion.
  • When she asks if it helped, Ivan screams at her, and keeps screaming for three days.
  • Praskovya Fedorovna is present with Ivan on his last day as he dies. He apologizes to her, and has her take away Vasya.