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The Death of Ivan Ilych

The Death of Ivan Ilych


by Leo Tolstoy

Vasya Timeline and Summary

  • Vasya appears briefly in front of Peter Ivanovich right before Ivan Ilych's funeral service. He has tears on his face.
  • Vasya is born while Ivan and family are still in the provinces. He grows up and turns out fairly well as a young child.
  • Ivan and Praskovya Fedorovna fight over where to send him to school, and Praskovya Fedorovna wins.
  • Vasya comes to Petersburg with Praskovya Fedorovna and Lisa (he's not mentioned specifically).
  • Vasya visits Ivan before he goes to the theater with his mother and sister. He gives his father a sad pitying look.
  • Vasya kisses Ivan's hand as Ivan is screaming and flailing.
  • Ivan stills and looks at his son.
  • At Ivan's request, Vasya is taken away before Ivan dies.