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1. Identify the integrand of the expression .

→(y2 + 3y)

2. Find .󑴤
3. Find .


4. Which of the following statements are true for all integrable real-valued functions f?

(I)  is the area under the curve of f on [a,b].

(II) is the weighted area between f and the x-axis on [a,b]. 


(IV) →(II), (III), (IV)

5. Let g ( t ) be the function graphed below. What is ?


6. Consider the function f ( x ) graphed below. 

Which of the following could be the value of ?


7. What is the estimate of given by TRAP(2) ?󑴢
8. Let f ( x ) be the function graphed below. 

If, what is the area of the shaded region?


9. If , what is a?


10. Let . This function is the same as the function y = x, except that f is undefined when x = 1. Which of the following statements is true?→

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