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by Lauren Oliver

Delirium Questions

  1. Is Lena a strong character or a weak character, and why?
  2. What will happen to Lena without Alex?
  3. Lena seems to have no desire to change society, only to escape. Will she run forever, or will she ever try to change things?
  4. What would you give up in order to feel safe? What have you already given up? What would be going too far?
  5. Why does Lena's society ban certain books? How have they changed the meanings of stories that you know?
  6. Will Lena ever reunite with her mom? Would that be a good thing, or would Lena be better off apart from her?
  7. How do the quotes at the beginning of each chapter contribute to the novel?
  8. Would you want to live in Lena's world—a world without war or much conflict of any kind? Why or why not?

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