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by Lauren Oliver

Delirium Resources


From the Mountains of Madness

If you're not yet delirious for Delirium, check out Oliver's website. It's chock full of quotes, questions, reviews, and videos.

Movie or TV Productions

And We've Got a No-Show

The show's pilot may have been rejected faster than Lena rejects Brian Scharff, but its fans haven't given up. Get the latest news—and a peek at the script—on this fan site.

Articles and Interviews

Wish We Knew Then…

Was Lauren (Oliver) like Lena (Ella Haloway Tiddle) when she was a teenager? She tells all, or at least a paragraph's worth, in this interview.

Literary Dinner Party

Oliver talks about her fantasy dinner party list, which involves bringing Henry James back from the dead, in this interview.

Utopian Pleasures

Since most dystopias don't leave room for fancy coffee drinks and strappy stilettos, authors have to talk about them in interviews. Like this one with USA Today.


The Good Book

Shhh no more. Lauren Oliver speaks out about rewriting the Bible, and a few other juicy details about Delirium, in this video interview.

Delirious BookTalk

How do you pronounce "Lena"? This episode of BookTalk with Christine gabs about that and other pressing issues in Delirium.


The Book of Not-Shhh

Don't feel like being quiet? Listen to a sample of the Delirium audiobook here.

The Magician's Pick

Lev Grossman (author of The Magician King) picked Delirium as one of the best sci-fi/fantasy books of 2011. It's in good company.


Lena's ARC

The Advance Reader's Copy of Delirium had a completely different cover. What do you think? Looks a little Kate Chopin's The Awakening to us…

View from the Port(land) Side

Lena has some great views of the Atlantic from her hometown of Portland, Maine. At least our government hasn't outlawed scenic vistas. Yet.

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