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Demeter (Ceres)'s Wall


Ugh, winter again... so sad. :(


It's okay, Mom. I'll be back soon! ;)

How can you send me winky faces when you're down there with that awful Hades?

Hey now, I'm not so bad.


I wish Zeus had never cut you out of our father's belly. I wish you were inside of Cronus right now – being digested.

That seems a little harsh to me.


Ruff! Grrrrrrrr...

You said it, boy.

You keep that hellhound away from my daughter.


Mom, please. You're embarrassing me :(

Yes, exactly.... :(  :(  :(  That's how I feel.

Are you people really still arguing about this? I thought we had a compromise.

Which kind of bread shall I make for my brunch with Hecate today: pumpkin or pumpernickel?


Pumpkin seems wise to me.

How about beer bread?



You two are not invited.


Also wise.

So happy that Persephone comes back soon... counting the days.

dislikes this.

Don't you dare dislike my wall posts.

dislikes this.

You really are a child, did you know that?

dislikes this.

How did you get a dislike function anyway?

I kindly offered Mark Zuckerburg a trip to my domain, and he suddenly started offering me anything I wanted. You know, in return for a rain check.

You are a brute.

dislikes this.

I think it's about time to unfriend you.

A friendly good morning to all my followers. Thanks for keeping my Eleusinian secrets again today, I know it's tough.


You deserve it, D! Who knows what kind of kid I would have become without you – you raised me right. And you even tried to make me immortal!


Yeah, sorry I didn't believe you about that, Demeter – but hey, you were about to engulf my son in flames.


I'd have been fine, Dad.


We'll never know. But hey, while we're at it, you're too young for social networks, anyway. I'm deleting your account, no matter how blessed you are.

Aw, you are both so sweet. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. Well, except maybe the permanent return of Persephone...

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