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by Langston Hughes

Democracy Resources


Hughes's Institute

This organization has it all when it comes to promoting Hughes's vision of leadership and civic engagement.

One-Stop Hughes Shop

This has all you could ever want to know about the poet and his most famous poems.


Hughes Really was the "Greatest"

Check out this video clip about our man and his greatest influence on American culture.

Students and "Democracy"

Check out this cool interpretation by a fan of Hughes's "Democracy."


A Cornucopia of Hughes Readings

Here are a bunch of readings of some of Hughes's most famous works.


Hughes in the Heart of Things

He's looking thoughtful in the backdrop of city life here.

Artistic-Looking Hughes

He's got his hand on a glass frame here, looking mighty artistic.

Articles and Interviews

Dying for more Hughes?

Well, you're in luck. We now have 18 volumes of work dedicated to our man.

Advice with Avocados

Yup, there are some interesting tidbits about avocados and such in Hughes's letters.

He Heard America Jiving

From a time when "jive" as a good thing: there's a lot about Hughes, jazz music, and the influence this jiving music had on his career.


Sermons and Blues

How many times do you get the chance to read a review of Hughes written by another literary juggernaut, James Baldwin? Not often, that's how many.

Fight for Freedom: The Story of the NAACP

Check out this article, written in 1962 about Hughes's take on this mega-important organization.

The Short Stories

It's always interesting to read short stories written by famous poets and vice versa. These are extra-interesting because they're written by Hughes.

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