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Symbol Analysis

Sorry, Annie. The sun may come out tomorrow, but that doesn't mean we should sit around keeping our fingers crossed. In "Democracy," our speaker has had enough of all the tomorrow talk. He prefers to talk about today and what we can do right now—while we're still around.

  • Lines 1-4: Maybe democracy will come this year, maybe not. But while we're busy talking about the future, we fail to recognize that today is what really matters. And if we keep compromising by saying "tomorrow," we're not helping matters much.
  • Lines 10-12: Sure, tomorrow may be another day, but why do people always say that? Usually it's to avoid doing something today. And the speaker thinks freedom is worth the effort today.
  • Line 14: We just can't get over the awesome metaphor we get in "tomorrow's bread." Bringing home the bacon (or bread) doesn't usually apply for tomorrow. We need to eat (and live freely) today.

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