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Jacques Derrida
Jacques Derrida
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Jacques Derrida’s Social Media

Shmoop eavesdrops on your favorite critic’s online convos.
Annie Liebowitz

I'm doing a full photo spread of megastar intellectuals for Vanity Fair. Should be better than my shoot for The Sopranos cast. I'm envisioninga lot of cubist images and broken things with books shredded and strewn about, fragmented mirrors, and sexy undergraduates without shirts—maybe only in black turtlenecks and bookish glasses... who's in? @JacquesDerrida?

Sorry, I'm busy that day.

Hélène Cixous

Count me in—I have great bone structure. My right side is my best side, just so you know…

I'm in, too. Will wear the usual—tweed coat, ear-to-ear grin, etc.

Luce Irigaray

Might come. I just updated my cute pixie haircut—part of my whole "I don't care how I look because I'm an academic, but I secretly want to look like Camille Paglia" act.

Susan Sontag

I question the entire medium of photography as an anti-political gesture, but I will be there if only because I think Michel and I will look cute in matching turtlenecks. Also, the signature grey streak in my hair will make me look sassy next to Jacques.

Camille Paglia

My vanity is greater than my disdain for all the French critics out there (you know who you are: Derrida, Lacan, Foucault—you sloppy thinking tradition haters). HAVE YOU SEEN ME ON THE COVER OF VAMPS & TRAMPS? I'll see you all there. Ha!

Oh, I think I mentioned I'm busy that day. Doing a little barter—deconstruction for some dental work. My gums are a mess.

Annie Liebowitz

JD: Look. Let's talk about this. Everyone knows you don't like getting your picture taken, but stop acting like a teenager with acne scars. Just work the whole dapper French man of letters thing. You're fifty. It's time to step in front of the camera!

Annie, I know you are trying to help me. And as much as I hate to agree with anyone or issuea clear statement about anything, I will admit that I have been trying to work on my public image, which I guess involves hamming it up a bit. I just don't trust the public. Remember how they booed me off the stage at that concert in Paris in 1997 when I tried to ad-liblike a jazz musician, using words instead of notes? Being "seen"at all is inherently awkward. It makes me feel like "The Other."

Yes, being seen is uncomfortable, because it turns you into an object, as it were. But even I will get in front of the camera—and I was sort of hit with the ugly stick. I don't deny that. I use it to my advantage—work it.

Okay. I'll show. I admit I kinda liked having that documentary film made about me. The whole "performance" aspect gets my good side. Love that moment where I'm shown watching a film about me watching the tape in which I watch the interview.So deconstructed!

Annie Liebowitz

Glad you're in. C u at the studio! Bring ripped baby photos.

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