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Book of Deuteronomy Chapter 15 Summary

Free from Debt and Slavery

  • And… more rules. The Israelites should forgive all debts every seven years. Yowza—imagine if that were the case today.
  • In the political arena, be a lender, not a borrower. When the seventh year is approaching and it's time to forgive these debts, don't hate on those who borrow from you. Just give to the needy and don't be tightfisted.
  • Set slaves free in the seventh year and provide them with flocks, grain, and wine. That's right: the Israelites had slaves.
  • If the slave loves you and wishes to remain with you, put a spike through their ear; but don't begrudge a slave who wishes to leave.
  • A few more notes on what to do and not to do with firstborn animals and humans—and the chapter ends.
  • Don't get too excited—more rules are on their way.

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