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The Diamond as Big as the Ritz

The Diamond as Big as the Ritz


by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Kismine Washington Timeline and Summary

  • John meets Kismine and thinks that she is the most perfect creature he has ever laid eyes on.
  • She explains that she's going to finishing school in New York in the fall.
  • Kismine chats about her family to John.
  • She flirts with John.
  • Kismine and John fall in love; they have their first kiss together in July. They want to get married next year.
  • In August, Kismine reveals, somewhat accidentally, that her father intends to kill John, just as he's killed all of his other guests. She doesn't think this is a big deal, though she's upset that the news will spoil the fun for her and John in the time they have left.
  • John and Kismine decide to elope, the better for keeping John alive.
  • John runs to get Kismine when the estate is under attack. She's excited at the prospect of being poor, as she believes it will be great fun. He tells her to empty her jewelry box into her pockets, which she does.
  • Kismine, Jasmine, and John escape from the château and into the woods. Kismine falls asleep.
  • Kismine gets hysterical when she sees the rest of her family go into the mountain, which she explains is wired to blow.
  • That night, after they've made their way to safety, Kismine empties her pockets. Turns out that she opened the wrong drawer and took rhinestones instead of diamonds. She thinks that's OK, however, as she was getting tired of diamonds and thinks rhinestones are more interesting.
  • Kismine starts planning for her life in Hades with John. She asks if her father is going to be there in Hades; John explains that she's mixed-up.
  • Kismine muses that her youth seems to have been a dream. All three of them fall asleep together.