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The Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank


by Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank Characters

Meet the Cast

Anne Frank

Anne Frank was extraordinary in her vitality, optimism, hunger for knowledge, and creativity. She was also a moody, sensitive young woman who could (by her own admission) occasionally be mean to th...

Otto Frank

Like Father, Like DaughterAnne sees her father, Otto Frank, as a kindred spirit. Like Anne, Otto is a perpetual student, inhaling books, history, and news, and he encourages these interests in Anne...

Margot Frank

Marge and in ChargeWeirdly, we don't get a terribly in-depth picture of Margot Frank. This might be because she's older and less exuberant, or because there's more than a touch of sibling rivalry g...

Edith Frank

Mean Mommy (But Not Really)Dang, do we feel bad for Edith Frank. From a purely domestic perspective, her younger daughter ain't easy to get along with. The hormones are raging, and Anne is pitting...

Peter van Daan

Peter Pan Okay, this guy is actually Peter van Daan. But he's a little bit like Peter Pan—he's mesmerizing, innocent, and more than a little reluctant to grow up.It's not as though we blame Peter...

Mr. van Daan

van Daan The ManThe whole van Daan clan (say that five times fast) was actually the van Pels family. Mr. van Daan’s actual historical name is Hermann van Pels.And that's about all we know about h...

Mrs. van Daan

Den MotherOkay, so Mrs. van Daan isn't actually a scout leader. But she's as protective as a mama bear when it comes to her precious baby boy. And later, she nurtures Anne quite a bit, especially d...

Alfred Dussel

Almost as Irritating as a ToothacheAnne's biting commentary comes out in full force when discussing Alfred Dussel—whose actual historical name is Fritz Pfeffer. And while we can usually take a st...

Mr. Kugler

Mr. Kugler is one of Mr. Frank’s and Mr. van Daan’s business associates who helps them during their time of hiding and keeps the business running.

Mr. Kleiman

Mr. Kleiman, a business associate of Mr. Frank’s and Mr. van Daan’s, helps keep them supplied and keeps the business running while they are in hiding.


Miep works in the office below the Secret Annex. She helps keep the occupants of the Secret Annex supplied with food, news, and happiness.


Bep works in the office below the Secret Annex. She helps keep the occupants of the Secret Annex supplied with food, news, and happiness. Margot and Anne occasionally help her with office work.