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The Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank


by Anne Frank

Margot Frank Timeline and Summary

  • Margot, sixteen, receives the call-up from the Nazis, and the family enters into hiding.
  • Margot begins her school at home. She is considered an intelligent, responsible young woman by the adults in the house.
  • Their parents constantly compare Margot and Anne, and Margot is considered the more virtuous.
  • Margot expresses minor jealousy that Anne has a romantic relationship with Peter van Daan. Margot hopes that she, too, can be there for Peter when he needs a friend – but in a sisterly way. She advises Anne how to approach their father about her relationship with Peter.
  • Margot goes to the same labor camp as Anne and dies of typhus just a few days before Anne during late February or early March of 1945.