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The Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank


by Anne Frank

Mrs. van Daan Timeline and Summary

  • With her husband and son, Mrs. van Daan enters the Secret Annex a week after the Franks.
  • Quickly, Mrs. van Daan reveals her true colors: she’s a trouble-maker. She likes to criticize Anne’s upbringing, fight with Mrs. Frank, flirt with Mr. Frank, hoard her own personal items (such as sheets) and use the Franks’ instead, and complain.
  • When Alfred Dussel arrives, Mrs. van Daan starts to flirt with him instead of Anne’s father. Mr. Dussel seems more receptive.
  • Mrs. van Daan is jealous of Anne’s relationship with Peter.
  • Like the others, Mrs. van Daan is sent to a concentration camp and does not survive.