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The Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank


by Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank Saturday, June 20, 1942 Summary

  • Anne expresses why she wants to keep a diary: she’s lonely. She does have friends, and apparently lots of guys who are in love with her, but no one she can share her secrets with.
  • "Kitty" – the name she christens her diary – will be just that friend.
  • Anne explains a bit of her family and her life, so we get some good background.
  • Anne has a father, mother, and older sister named Margot.
  • They all lived in Frankfurt, Germany until Anne was four. The whole family eventually immigrated to Holland because they are Jews and things were very bad for Jews in Germany.
  • Anne describes how family members still living in Germany have also fled.
  • Anne says that life has been hard since 1940 when the Germans moved into Holland. There are lots of laws restricting the freedom of Jews: they have to wear a yellow star, can’t drive cars or bikes, can only go shopping during certain hours of the day, have a nighttime curfew, can’t go to movies, can’t use tennis courts, and so many more things.

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