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The Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank


by Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank Youth Quotes

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Quote #1

Margot’s and Mother’s personalities are so alien to me. I understand my girlfriends better than my own mother. Isn’t that a shame? (9/27/1942.1)

Anne expresses a typical adolescent sentiment – that she can relate to her friends better than to her family.

Quote #2

Yesterday Mother and I had another run-in and she really kicked up a fuss. She told Daddy all of my sins and started to cry, which made me cry too, and I already had such an awful headache. I finally told Daddy that I love "him" more than I do Mother, to which he replied that it was just a passing phase, but I don’t think so. I simply can’t stand Mother, and I have to force myself not to snap at her all the time, and to stay calm, when I’d rather slap her across the face. (10/3/1942.2)

The trials and tribulations of adolescence are well under way, only they are perhaps exacerbated because nobody can get away from anybody else.

Quote #3

I was suffering then (and still do) from moods that kept my head under water (figuratively speaking) and allowed me to see things only from my own perspective, without calmly considering what the others – those whom I, with my mercurial temperament, had hurt or offended – had said, and then acting as they would have done. (1/2/1944.2)

Anne begins to grow up, reflecting more objectively on her own behavior.

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