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Dicey's Song
Dicey's Song
by Cynthia Voigt
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Dicey's Song Chapter 12 Summary

  • The family buries Momma’s ashes under the mulberry tree in the front yard.
  • Sammy says he still loves Momma, and Gram says, "I should think so."
  • Dicey’s last words to Momma are, "Home and gone," and Dicey contemplates how it’s possible for a person to be both. 
  • Back inside, the kids sit in the living room while Gram goes up to the attic. She brings down some photo albums and tells the kids that there are also toys in the attic. She suggests they go up there sometime.
  • Mr. Lingerle has gone to get pizza for everybody, since they’ve never had it before. They’re all excited, except for Gram, who doesn’t understand why anyone would want to eat something so "oozy."
  • The book ends with Gram beginning to tell the kids stories about their mother and uncles.
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