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Dicey's Song

Dicey's Song


by Cynthia Voigt

Dicey Tillerman Timeline and Summary

  • Dicey cautiously settles into Gram’s house, where she's working on restoring an old sailboat she found in the barn.
  • She starts 8th grade in Crisfield, where she dislikes her home ec and English teachers but finds herself drawn to Mina Smiths, not that she'd ever call Mina her friend.
  • She goes to Millie Tydings’s grocery store to ask for a job, gets one, and starts cleaning the store every day after school and on Saturday mornings.
  • Dicey also becomes fascinated by Jeff, who plays guitar outside her school every day. Before long, he starts playing for her, although she doesn’t exactly realize it.
  • She makes an ill-fated apron in home ec class, which she dumps in the trash as soon as it’s graded (she gets an F).
  • She finally gets officially adopted by Gram. Boom. Instant family.
  • She continues trying to further the education of her siblings, most notably Maybeth, who’s having trouble reading.
  • When Gram takes her shopping at the mall, Dicey gets her first bra and her first girly clothes.
  • She finally decides to reach out to Mina and, in fact, call Mina her friend, although she still says no when Jeff asks her to the dance.
  • She goes with Gram to Boston and witnesses her mother’s death in a mental hospital.
  • After coming home to bury her mother’s ashes, Dicey finally realizes that someone can come home and leave the earth at the same time.