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Dicey's Song

Dicey's Song

by Cynthia Voigt

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Quote #1

But when she said our house, she couldn’t help thinking about the cabin in Provincetown, up against the windy dunes; even though she knew that wasn’t their house any more. (1.77)

Dicey’s trying to come to terms with the difference between a house and a home. It'll be an adjustment period, but we're betting that soon enough, when she hears the words "our house," she'll be thinking of Gram's ramshackle farmhouse.

Quote #2

Worry was like the mist along the marsh; it rose up from the floors of the house. (3.215)

Dicey compares emotions to various forms of water a lot, like when she says money worries ate away at Momma like waves nibbling at the shore. This is another classic example, and it shows just how much the emotions of a person can affect their living environment—whether it's her mother's depression or her own anxiety.

Quote #3

"I thought we lived here," James complained.

"We do," Dicey said. "but—" (4.20-21)

But living in a house isn’t the same as belonging in it. Until Gram officially adopts them, Dicey’s still scared she’ll turn them out in the streets for exploring the attic.