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Dicey's Song

Dicey's Song


by Cynthia Voigt

Minor Characters

Character Analysis

Millie Tydings

She's the longtime owner of the local grocery store and Dicey’s boss. She’s a parallel to Maybeth for Dicey, since she, like Maybeth, struggles with reading. Millie has known Gram since childhood, and she helps Dicey understand that even though Gram’s a bit eccentric, she’s still good people.

Dicey's Teachers

Strangely enough, Dicey’s teachers stand in the way of her getting an education. Miss Eversleigh fails her in home ec after she turns in a busted apron, and when Dicey writes up a meal plan based on what she fed her siblings over the summer, Miss Eversleigh gives her an F for that too. She doesn’t think anyone could live on that diet, even though Dicey and her siblings did. Miss Eversleigh is tragically missing the point.

As for Mr. Chappelle, he accuses Dicey of plagiarism when she writes a brilliant paper (way to show faith in your students, Teach). Just like when Miss Eversleigh didn’t believe Dicey’s family had lived on such a meager diet, Dicey somehow manages to keep her mouth shut. At least Mr. Chappelle eventually comes to believe Dicey and gives her an A.

Dr. Epstein

He's Momma’s doctor in the mental hospital.


She's Momma’s nurse in the mental hospital.

The Woodshop Man

The owner of the woodshop in Boston where Dicey buys a chess set and a bracelet for her siblings gives Gram and Dicey a box to take Momma’s ashes home.