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Dicey's Song

Dicey's Song


by Cynthia Voigt

Dicey's Song Resources


Cynthia Voigt

If you want to be blown away by how many books Cynthia Voigt has written (and she’s still writing), check out her official website.

TV Tropes and Idioms

Even though it’s not a TV show, Dicey’s Song is full of figurative standards. Don’t know what that means? Click here, then explore more of your favorite books and movies.

Movies or TV Productions

Homecoming (1996)

Although Dicey’s Song was never a movie, the first book in the Tillerman Cycle, Homecoming, was. Made for TV in 1996, it starred the legendary Anne Bancroft as Gram and Kimberlee Peterson as Dicey.

Articles and Interviews

Cynthia Voigt Scholastic Interview

This site's got it all: tons of interviews, including kids’ questions.

Christian Science Monitor Interview with Cynthia Voigt

This interview's full of fun tidbits, like the fact that when Voigt won the Newbery, her kids were 12 and 5 years old. They traveled by train from Maryland to Los Angeles for the medal ceremony.


Homecoming Clip

How does the movie-Dicey stack up against the book version?

Interview with Cynthia Voigt

Of course she lives by the sea.


Listen Up

Jodi Benson reads Dicey aloud in this audiobook so you can rest your weary eyes.


Cynthia Voigt

Check out what the creator of the Tillermans looks like today.

The Original Cover

That's a classic '80s haircut for you.

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