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Differential Equations

Differential Equations

Differential Equations: Give Me a Solution, I'll Give You an Answer True or False

1. Which of the following is not a differential equation?
2. Determine the order of the differential equation f 4(x) + f (2)(x) = 5 - f (3)(x) + f (x)2
3. A solution to a differential equation isthe highest derivative in that differential equation.
4. The function

y = x2

is a solution to which one of the following differential equations?2y = y'

5. Determine which of the following functions is NOT a solution to the d.e. f (2)(x) = -f (x).f (x) = -e - x
6. Determine which of the following functions is a solution to the IVP y" = y and y(0) = 1.y = e-x
7. Determine which of the following is the particular solution to the IVP y" = 8.y = 4x2 - 8x + 1
8. Determine which differential equation best represents the following English statement:

The monkey population is increasing at a rate of 1 percent.

9. Julianna spends 20 per week. If M represents Julianna's money and t represents time measured in years, which differential equation best describes this situation?
10. A family of rabbits has a birth rate of 25 percent. Every year 10 rabbits die. Which of the following differential equations best models this situation?