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Using Internet Browsers and Email

Using Internet Browsers and Email Activity: Media Map: What's Up With Your Internet Usage?

Instructions for Your Students

What's Going on Today

Digital media is 24/7 and uber social, as you and your 550 Facebook friends might know. The Internet plays a big role in your life, but have you ever thought about just how much time you spend with this not-so-gentle giant? Take a moment away from your texts, tweets, and status updates to map out your media comings and goings, and get the scoop from your friends too. Get ready to think about – and maybe even reconsider – what u up 2!

Instructions & Links

After interviewing your partner, think about the following questions.

  1. How did the estimates from question #1 about how much time you/your partner spent online compare to the more detailed results from question #10?
  2. Were you surprised by how much time you/your partner spent online?
  3. How did your Internet usage compare to your partner's?
  4. If you interviewed an adult instead of a student your age, how would their results be different? 
  5. Were you surprised by any of the places or devices your partner used to connect to the Internet?
  6. What's the difference between how you use text messaging versus emails?