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by J.M. Coetzee

Disgrace Chapter 9 Summary

  • David falls asleep watching soccer. Then, when he wakes up, Petrus is sitting next to him drinking beer.
  • Lucy talks to David about adjusting to country life. He doesn't really pay attention. Instead he thinks about how she has nice feet and how he's cared for her as a father.
  • Then he wonders how Lucy is with her lovers and if it's OK or if it's awkward for him to talk to her about her love life.
  • Lucy tells David he can help take care of the dogs. He can also help Petrus. Lucy also suggests that David help Bev out at the animal clinic.
  • David thinks of Melanie and shudders with delight. Lucy sees him. He sees her see him.
  • David goes to play with Katy and then falls asleep.
  • David and Lucy talk about whether or not dogs have souls.
  • We learn that it's Bev's job to put dogs to sleep.
  • David apologizes to Lucy for not having been a better dad. Then he agrees to help out at the animal clinic.

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