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by J.M. Coetzee

Pollux Timeline and Summary

  • The boy approaches Lucy and David with the tall man and the second man on the road and nothing happens.
  • When Lucy and David get back home from their walk, the boy is there with the two men. He's taunting the dogs in the kennel, which is making all of them go nuts.
  • David sics the bulldog on the boy. The boy tries to get the dog to let up.
  • Lucy spots the boy at the party at Petrus's house.
  • David confronts the boy. Then Petrus steps in. The boy and Petrus start talking really fast in Xhosa.
  • When David tells Petrus that the boy is on the run from Johnny Law, the boy flips out and says it's not true.
  • We find out that the boy's name is Pollux and that he's Petrus's wife's younger brother. We also get the idea that Pollux might be the father of Lucy's unborn child.
  • Petrus tells David that Pollux will marry Lucy later on.
  • Pollux spies on Lucy through the bathroom window. This really pisses David off, so he runs up and smacks Pollux in the face.
  • Then Katy (the bulldog) jumps on Pollux and starts biting him.
  • Lucy comes to Pollux's aid, but even so, he says that he'll kill all of them.
  • Lucy's bathrobe comes untied and Pollux shamelessly stares at her breasts.
  • Pollux runs off shouting, "we will kill you all!" (23.17).