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by J.M. Coetzee

Disgrace: Cape Town Fear Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Disgrace? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. With whom does Professor David Lurie fall in love?

Himself - he even buys himself some very nice flowers and treats himself to dinner at an expensive restaurant
A prostitute
One of his fellow teachers
One of his students
The school principal
Q. Why do things go downhill for David and Melanie?

Melanie gets pregnant
Melanie’s father forbids her to see him anymore
Melanie files a complaint with the University
David offhandedly mentions that, some of the time, Melanie can be a little bit bossy - whoops
Q. After the ordeal with Melanie, what does David do?

Turns to religion
500 push-ups. Impressed?
Experiments with Buddhism
Moves across the country
Q. On what project does David work in Salem?

An opera about Lord Byron and his mistress
A play about Lord Tennyson and his mother
A book about Lord Melbourne and his pet monkey
A puppet show about Traci Lords and her garden tools
Q. . The men who confront David and his daughter outside Lucy’s home say they need to use the phone about an accident, that accident being what?

A car wreck
A plane crash
A baby
Someone couldn’t quite make it to the bathroom on time
Q. What happens when David tries to rescue Lucy?

He is attacked by their bulldog
He is knocked unconscious by the intruders
Superman gets there first and steals his thunder
Q. What do the men do to David before they leave the house?

Set his hair on fire
Cover him with poisonous snakes
Force him to autograph his latest book
Close him in the bathroom, then begin releasing noxious gas underneath the door
Q. Whom are David and Lucy surprised to see at Petrus’ party?

The two men who raped Lucy
The boy who had accompanied the two men who raped Lucy
The girl who had filed the complaint against David
Avril Lavigne! What the heck was she doing there?
Q. What do David and Bev do in the Animal Welfare Clinic?

Their taxes
They have sex
They set all of the animals free
They have to put down a dog who has kidney failure
They send the cats into a tizzy by swinging a laser pointer all over the front of the birds’ cages
Q. What does David find out when he goes back to the Eastern Cape?

Lucy has been killed and they need him to identify the body
There’s an incredible timeshare opportunity available there
There is a new lead on the villains
Lucy is pregnant