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by J.M. Coetzee

Disgrace: Cape Town Fear True or False

1. With whom does Professor David Lurie fall in love?→One of his students
2. Why do things go downhill for David and Melanie?→Melanie files a complaint with the University
3. After the ordeal with Melanie, what does David do?→Experiments with Buddhism
4. On what project does David work in Salem?→A play about Lord Tennyson and his mother
5. . The men who confront David and his daughter outside Lucy’s home say they need to use the phone about an accident, that accident being what?→A baby
6. What happens when David tries to rescue Lucy?→He is knocked unconscious by the intruders
7. What do the men do to David before they leave the house?→Set his hair on fire
8. Whom are David and Lucy surprised to see at Petrus’ party?→The boy who had accompanied the two men who raped Lucy
9. What do David and Bev do in the Animal Welfare Clinic?→Their taxes
10. What does David find out when he goes back to the Eastern Cape?→There’s an incredible timeshare opportunity available there