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by J.M. Coetzee

Disgrace Violence Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

"I think they have done it before," she resumes, her voice steadier now. "At least the two older ones have. I think they are rapists first and foremost. Stealing things is just incidental. A side-line. I think they do rape." (18.88)

Lucy asserts that these guys are basically every woman's worst nightmare. In her opinion, they aren't out there to rob people or to exercise vengeance over particular racial groups; they're out there to dominate women.

Quote #8

The flat of his hand catches the boy in the face. "You swine!" he shouts, and strikes him a second time, so that he staggers. "You filthy swine!" (22.4)

Finally, David does what he's wanted to do all along. He finally gets to smack the daylights out of Pollux. Pay attention to the language here – you can almost feel the intensity of the impact of his hand "catching" Pollux's face.

Quote #9

The word still rings in the air: Swine! Never has he felt such an elemental rage. He would like to give the boy what he deserves: a sound thrashing. Phrases that all his life he has avoided seem suddenly just and right: Teach him a lesson, Show him his place. So this is what it is like, he thinks! This is what it is like to be a savage! (23.5)

Here, we see pure violence and hatred raging through David's entire being – he even thinks of himself as a "savage." All bets and rules are off; as far as David is concerned, it's go time.

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