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The Displaced Person

The Displaced Person


by Flannery O'Connor

The Displaced Person Foreignness and 'the Other' Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Section.Paragraph)

Quote #1

"They can't talk" Mrs. Shortley said. "Do you reckon they'll know what color even is?" (1.9)

As far as Mrs. Shortley is concerned Europe might as well be Mars.

Quote #2

"She says it's ten million more like them, Displaced Persons, she says that there priest can get her all she wants." (1.46)

Mrs. Shortley isn't aware that Mrs. McIntyre is telling her this to make her feel that her job is insecure, as a means of keeping her on her toes. This early moment in the story shows how Mrs. McIntyre's use of "Displaced Person" to strike fear in her employees contributes to their fear and suspicion of the Guizacs.

Quote #3

Every time Mr. Guizac smiled, Europe stretched out in Mrs. Shortley's imagination, mysterious and evil, the devils experiment station. (1.70)

Mrs. Shortley does have an intense imagination. Because the picture of Europe she gets is so incomplete, she magnifies the incomplete images to fill in the gaps of what she doesn't know.

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