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by Veronica Roth

Beatrice "Tris" Prior Timeline & Summary

  • Beatrice starts off as an internally conflicted Abnegation teen.
  • But that all makes sense when she learns that she is Divergent. 
  • When it comes time to choose her faction, she joins Dauntless—the brave ones. 
  • She goes through Dauntless initiation (fighting, shooting guns), gaining friends and enemies
  • One of her friends betrays her and then commits suicide, which makes Tris feel bad.
  • But she also kind of gets romantically involved with Four, which makes Tris feel good.
  • While she's learning all about what it means to be Dauntless, she meets her brother, the Erudite, and the scary leader Jeanine.
  • Soon enough, she figures out that Erudite leadership is planning a war on Abnegation. Not good.
  • But before she can do anything about it, the Dauntless get mind-controlled by Jeanine.
  • Luckily, since Tris is Divergent, she isn't controlled, but she goes along and pretends she is. Smart move, Tris.
  • Unfortunately, she gets caught by Jeanine. Fortunately, she's rescued by her mom. Unfortunately, that requires her mom to sacrifice herself. 
  • Then Tris finds the rest of her family, and with them by her side, she infiltrates Dauntless HQ to destroy the computer running the mind-control program.
  • Then her dad sacrifices himself for Tris. We're sensing a pattern here.
  • Tris helps Four break his mind-control and they stop the program and smooch a little bit.
  • Then they all escape on a train, where they're headed for refuge with Amity.