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by Veronica Roth

Divergent Chapter 39 Summary

How It All Goes Down

  • Surprise, surprise, Tobias/Four doesn't shoot Tris, but wakes up from his mind-control because he's Divergent and she reminded him. 
  • They kiss and Tobias shuts down the mind-control program. He also gets a little hard drive with data on the simulation so they can show it to people and prove what Erudite did.
  • So all the Dauntless are free, though very confused. Needless to say, there's some shooting and chaos out on the streets.
  • It's a little super-awkward when Tobias/Four sees his old abusive dad again—the dad that he tried to get far away from. Yeah, not so much hugging and kissing there.
  • Tris tells Marcus to get away from his son; but there are other issues to deal with right now, like getting away from Dauntless HQ.
  • So the whole group hops on a train—Tris, her brother Caleb, Tobias/Four, his dad Marcus, and evil Peter. And they're off to find some refuge with the Amity.
  • (Or maybe just ride the rails like some 1930s-style vagabonds.)
  • Also, if you care about this sort of thing, Tris and Tobias/Four say they love each other.
  • Onto the sequel!

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