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by Veronica Roth

Divergent Chapter 6 Summary

How It All Goes Down

  • After the Choosing Ceremony, Beatrice leaves with the Dauntless crowd (after getting a mad-sad look from dad and a smile from mom, which is weird).
  • And initiation into the Dauntless starts pretty quickly. To get to their home, Beatrice has to jump on a moving train. (We picture it basically like the El in Chicago—an aboveground train system.)
  • Beatrice gets on with a little help from another transfer, a girl from Candor named Christina. But she sees another transfer fail to get on the train. Which means he's factionless now. Ouch.
  • Then they have to jump off the moving train—initiation challenge #2. Another candidate decides he'd rather be factionless than dead, but Beatrice helps Christina jump.
  • But some other candidate misses the roof and fell to his death. Yeah, they're workin' with live ammo around here.
  • Beatrice meets Peter who is a Candor transfer and already a jerk. He makes Beatrice feel uncomfortable and calls her a Stiff (which is a mean term for Abnegation.)
  • And then we get to initiation challenge #3: jumping from the roof into a big hole in the ground. Beatrice wants to show she can be brave, so she jumps first.
  • There's a net at the bottom (of course, or else it would be a very short book). And Beatrice meets Four, who is an important guy in Dauntless, and who celebrates her for being brave enough to jump first.
  • She also gets to pick a new name, so she chooses Tris. (Short for Beatrice, but with more attitude.)

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