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by Veronica Roth

Power Quotes in Divergent

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Quote #1

Maybe Eric perceives Four as a potential threat to his position. My father says that those who want power and get it live in terror of losing it. That's why we have to give power to those who do not want it. (7.62)

In Abnegation, power seems to go to those who don't want it. But in Dauntless, power seems to go to whoever wants it most, like Peter, who wants it so bad he stabs a guy in the eye. What's funny about this situation is that Four doesn't want power in Dauntless, which makes him a good Abnegation, but not such a great Dauntless.

Quote #2

It takes me five rounds to hit the middle of the target, and when I do, a rush of energy goes through me. I am awake, my eyes wide open, my hands warm. I lower the gun. There is power in controlling something that can do so much damage—in controlling something, period. Maybe I do belong here. (8.22-3)

Power isn't just about governments, it's about individuals and how they feel (when they have guns). Tris feels a very specific type of power when she's packing: the power to shoot things. This is very Dauntless of her, since they're into that sort of power (controlling, shooting).

Quote #3

If there were people around, I doubt any of them would help Christina. We are with Eric, for one thing, and for another, the Dauntless have different rules—rules that brutality does not violate. (9.68)

Power sure is a nice thing to have, unless you're a psychopath with control issues and no one to stop you—then it's kind of a pain in the rear for everyone around you. Just ask Christina here.

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