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Diving into the Wreck

Diving into the Wreck


by Adrienne Rich

Analysis: Brain Snacks

Brain Snacks: Tasty Tidbits of Knowledge

Rich was selected by another famous poet, W.H. Auden, as the winner of the Yale Younger Poets Prize. And she was only 22 at the time. (Source)

In 1997, Rich turned down the prestigious National Medal of Arts as a protest against the policies of the Clinton administration. Although by that time, she'd already won pretty much every other poetry prize out there. (Source)

In May of 2007, explorers found $500 million dollars worth of coins in a shipwreck! (Source)

In 2005, a man from South Africa named Nuno Gomes set the scuba diving depth record. He went down 318.5 meters (1,044 ft.), which is like swimming as far down as the Eiffel tower is tall. (Source)

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