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DNA Structure, Replication, and Technology Resources


UCSC Genome Browser

Check out UCSC's Genome Browser. You'll remember that we went through an exercise using this browser earlier in the unit.

History of DNA

A fancy interactive timeline describing scientists' discovery of DNA.

NCBI Chapter on PCR

The National Center for Biotechnology Information was kind enough to let us read part of this book on PCR.

Human Genome Project: Cloning

To handle all the controversy surrounding cloning and the science behind it, the Human Genome Project has put out a FAQ to help answer the public's questions.

University of Utah Vector Toolbox

Something you can catch from your future dormmate? Or, a little-bit-cheesy interactive tool to help you understand gene therapy and delivery? Thankfully, the latter.


DNA Song

It's...a bit much. But, so educational! $20 says the song is stuck in your head the rest of the day.


DNA Replication

Kinda-90s special effects? Check. Video game music? Check. What more do you need, exactly?

Another Take on DNA Replication

What's that you say? You want another video of replication? You got it! This one has cooler graphics, if we do say so ourselves.

Recombinant DNA

A 3D animation that describes applications of recombinant DNA technology. No sound here!

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