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Doctor Faustus

Doctor Faustus


by Christopher Marlowe

Benvolio Timeline and Summary

  • In Act 4, Scene 1, a hungover Benvolio tells his friends he'll watch Faustus's conjuring attempt from his window rather than come down.
  • As Faustus attempts to conjure Alexander the Great before the Emperor, Benvolio mocks him, believing that there's no way he'll be able to do it.
  • As punishment, and for a good laugh, Faustus makes horns appear on Benvolio's head.
  • Angered by this humiliation, in Act 4, Scene 2, Benvolio conspires with his friends Martino and Frederick to ambush Faustus and murder him.
  • Benvolio's murder attempt fails when Faustus's headless body comes alive again.
  • Benvolio and his friends receive punishment from Faustus's devils. They are dragged through mud and slime, then see horns appear on their head again. Oops.
  • Benvolio invites Martino and Frederick to his isolated castle so that they will not have to appear in public before the horns are gone.