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Doctor Faustus

Doctor Faustus


by Christopher Marlowe

Mephistopheles Timeline and Summary

  • Mephistopheles first appears at Faustus's request and tells him that he can only be his servant if Lucifer agrees to it.
  • Mephistopheles re-appears, bringing word that Lucifer has agreed to Faustus's proposal if Faustus will sign his soul over to him in a deed of blood.
  • With the bloody contract signed, Mephistopheles teaches Faustus about the nature of hell and the devil, and about astronomy.
  • Throughout the play, Mephistopheles threatens Faustus with bodily injury, or calls on other spirits to help distract him, whenever Faustus considers God, heaven, or repentance again.
  • But he also does whatever Faustus wants him to, helping the magician conjure awesome things, perform great tricks, and taking the guy on a grand world tour. 
  • Along the way, Mephistopheles manages to turn some peasants, Dick and Robin, into an ape and a dog, respectively.
  • After all their adventures, Mephistopheles confesses to Faustus that it was he who tempted Faustus away from God, by guiding Faustus's reading of the Bible the way he wanted.
  • Sneaky, sneaky.