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Doctor Faustus

Doctor Faustus


by Christopher Marlowe

Doctor Faustus: Quotes (What Was Said) True or False

1. Who says, "I am ___________. I disdain to have any parents. I am like to Ovid's flea"? -> Pride
2. Who says, "I am __________, begotten of a chimney-sweeper and an oyster wife. I cannot read and therefore wish all books burned"? -> Prejudice
3. Who says, "Within this circle is Jehovah's name, Forward and backward anagrammatized"? -> A guy who is happy he can draw with chalk
4. Who says, "[M]ight I now obtain my wish, this house, you, and all should turn to gold, that I might lock you safe into my chest. O my sweet gold!" -> Faustus
5. Who says, "He grows too proud in his authority…But we'll put down his haughty insolence"? -> Pope Adrian