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Doctor Faustus
Doctor Faustus
by Christopher Marlowe
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Doctor Faustus Sin Quotes Page 3

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Quote #7

I am Gluttony. My parents are all dead, and the devil a penny they have left me but a small pension, and that buys me thirty meals a day and ten bevers—a small trifle to suffice nature. (2.3.139-142)

Gluttony is the sin of eating and drinking in excess. Gluttony, for example, eats thirty meals a day and ten "bevers," or snacks, but is still ready for more. Here's hoping he's a Costco member.

Quote #8

I am Sloth. I was begotten on a sunny bank. Heigh-ho! I'll not speak a word more for a king's ransom. (2.3.152-154)

True to his nature, Sloth, the product of lazy days lying in the sunshine on a hill, is too lazy to even describe himself as the other sins have done. He'd rather just sit… and sit.

Quote #9

I am one that loves an inch of raw mutton better than an ell of fried stock-fish, and the first letter of my name begins with lechery. (2.3.156-158)

Lechery, or lust, tells a dirty joke here. The "inch of raw mutton" likely refers to an erect penis, whereas "fried stockfish" (a textual error for "dried stockfish") is a slang expression that refers to sexual impotence. You get the idea…

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