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Doctor Faustus
Doctor Faustus
by Christopher Marlowe
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Doctor Faustus The Supernatural Quotes Page 5

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Quote #13

Do you remember, sir, how you cozened me and eat up my load of –
[Faustus charms him dumb.]
Do you remember how you made me wear an ape's –
[Faustus charms him dumb.]
You whoreson conjuring scab, do you remember how you cozened me with a ho –
[Faustus charms him dumb.]
Ha'you forgotten me? You think to carry it away with your "hey-pass" and "re-pass." Do you remember the dog's fa –
[Faustus charms him dumb.] (4.6.109-115)

Honestly, Faustus is a big fat jerk. When the peasants accuse them of magical misdoing, does he defend himself? No, he just does more magical misdeeds and makes them unable to speak, so no one will know the wrong he's done. While the scene is meant to be funny (and don't get us wrong, it totally is), it also reflects rather poorly on Faustus's character.

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