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Does it Matter?
Does it Matter?
by Siegfried Sassoon
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Does it Matter? Questions

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.
  1. Is this poem hopeful? Or is it purely negative and cynical?
  2. Does this poem offer a one-sided view about war, fighting for one's country, etc.? Can we see it from another perspective? 
  3. What is the tone of the poem? Is the speaker always being sarcastic? Or does he genuinely believe what he's saying? Could he, for example, be one of those proud patriots who thinks a wounded veteran should drink and be merry?
  4. Is it weird that this poem, which is about something so tragic, rhymes? What's the effect of that rhyming on the meaning of the poem?
  5. How does this poem compare to other anti-war poems you've read? Is it at all applicable to current conflicts around the world?
  6. What's this poems argument? How does it attempt to make it? Is it convincing?
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