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Does it Matter?

Does it Matter?


by Siegfried Sassoon

Does it Matter? Resources


World War I Poetry

World War I is known for its poetry, and this site's your one-stop shop for the works of Wilfred Owen, Robert Graves, and ol' Siegfried, of course.

BBC Gets Down to Business

It's not much, but this brief bio should give you a good idea of what kind of man Siegfried was.

The Poetry Foundation

For a more in-depth, academic spin on things, check out what the Poetry Foundation has to say on our guy.

Bartleby's Online Collection

If you're in the mood for Sassooning, Bartleby.com has the goods to keep you going.


Siegfried Sassoon and Poets of the Great War

Here's a short clip from the film Voices in Wartime that talks about Sassoon and other war poets. Plus, around the 2:08 mark, there's an abridged version of "Does it Matter?".

Slideshow Time

Pull down the shutters and fire up the projector for this slideshow all about Siegfried.

A Child Reads the Poem

It's a bit eerie hearing a kiddo reciting the lines. But maybe that's the point.

Malachy Matters

Actor Malachy McCourt reads the poem in his awesome Irish brogue.


A Young Siegfried Sassoon

Check out that dapper three-piece suit.

Sassoon in Uniform

For the full effect, of course.

Old Siegfried Sassoon

Sassoon, much later in life. He was one of the lucky poets who managed to survive the war.

Craiglockhart War Hospital

Here's a shot of the (creepy) hospital where Sassoon wrote a lot of his poetry and where he met Wilfred Owen.

Sassoon's Grave

What, no epitaph?

Sassoon in Poet's Corner

Sassoon gets a shout-out in Westminster Abbey, along with other World War I poets.

Historical Documents

Sassoon's Letter of Protest

Here's letter Sassoon wrote protesting the war that almost got him in serious trouble.

Sassoon Manuscripts

Awesome handwriting, no? We wish our cursive were that neat.


Paul Fussell, The Great War and Modern Memory

Check out this important, moving, and popular book that explores World War I from the perspective of a number of famous writers who lived through it (including Sassoon, Wilfred Owen, and Isaac Rosenberg).

Pat Barker, Regeneration

This novel's about a soldier during World War I, and it's loosely based on Sassoon's protest letter and hospital stay.

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