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Character Role Analysis

Mrs. Christine Linde

Throughout the play, Nora goes to her old friend, Christine, for advice. Mrs. Linde is the first person Nora confides in about her secret debt. Though at first Nora doesn't tell Christine the lender's identity, Nora gives up the information pretty quickly when the kitty litter hits the fan. Also, it seems to be Christine's influence that eventually convinces Nora to let Torvald see that letters.

Over the course of the whole play, Christine's message to her old friend is that she should be honest with her husband. In the end, Nora finally gets the courage to let the truth come out. We wonder if Christine had any inkling as to how that little scene was going to play out. We'd love to be a fly on the wall, when Nora gets to Christine's place after her dramatic exit. What does Nora say to her? Of course, without Christine's advice Nora would never come to the spiritual awakening that she finds at the end of the play.

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