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A Doll's House

A Doll's House

by Henrik Ibsen

Money Quotes Page 2

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #4

NORA: "You might give me money, Torvald. Then I will wrap it up in beautiful gilt paper and hang it on the Christmas Tree." (1.38-1.40)

There's a good chance that Nora wants money for Christmas just to pay down her secret debt.

Quote #5

NORA: "Christine! It will be splendid to have heaps of money and not need to have any anxiety, won't it?"
MRS. LINDE: "Yes, anyhow I think it would be delightful to have what one needs." (1.114-1.115)

Nora seems to show very little sensitivity to her friend's financial problems.

Quote #6

HELMER: "I hear [Krogstad] is a good worker, too. But I knew him when we were boys. […] this tactless fellow lays no restraint on himself when other people are present. On the contrary, he thinks it gives him the right to adopt a familiar tone with me." (2.117)

Looks like Torvald has been hiding something as well. This is the first time he mentions that he used to know Krogstad.