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A Doll's House

A Doll's House


by Henrik Ibsen

Torvald Helmer Timeline and Summary

  • Torvald fusses at Nora for spending too much money.
  • He hangs out with Dr. Rank.
  • He meets with Krogstad, presumably about firing him.
  • Torvald gives Krogstad's job to Mrs. Christine Linde.
  • He refuses Nora's request for Krogstad to keep his job.
  • He sends Krogstad his notice.
  • He advises Nora on the proper way to dance the tarantella.
  • Torvald comes on to Nora after the Stenborgs' party.
  • He briefly laments Rank's death.
  • Torvald reads Krogstad's blackmail letter.
  • He flips out on Nora.
  • He then reads Krogstad's retraction and "graciously" forgives Nora.
  • He tries desperately to get Nora to stay with him.
  • Torvald seems to have a last-moment revelation just before the door slams.