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The Island of Dr. Moreau

The Island of Dr. Moreau


by H. G. Wells

The Island of Dr. Moreau Chapter 5 Summary

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The Landing on the Island

  • Prendick wakes up to the sound of activity on the deck. When he goes up top, he discovers that the ship has docked with another ship, called a launch, while he slept.
  • On deck, the puma, numerous packages, and the menagerie of caged animals are being dropped into the hands of the people from the island to be taken ashore. Prendick finds a still drunk Captain Davis, shouting in his roaring voice for the riff-raff to get off his boat. Oh, and that riff-raff includes our narrator. He has to get off the ship, too.
  • At first, he's a-okay with this. After all, it means he can now spend more time with his new BFF, Montgomery, and isn't trapped in the middle of the ocean with a drunken sailor who hates his guts. Unfortunately, a white-haired, broad-shouldered man who has showed up next to Montgomery and appears to be the island's head-honcho, says they won't take him either. Uh-oh.
  • An argument breaks out between Prendick, Captain Davis, and the white-haired man, whose authority outstrips Montgomery's. The three bicker over what's to become of our narrator, whom no one wants to keep around.
  • Understandably, Prendick gets frustrated and heads to the back of the boat. Captain Davis continues to drunkenly get in everyone's way, and Montgomery's workers finish unloading their stuff.
  • Then things take a turn for the worse for dear Prendick. Davis's men try to drag him off the ship, but the workers separate the two ships quickly. Problem solved; nothing Captain Davis can do now. Right?
  • Wrong. Davis's men take their unwanted guest to the stern where they kept the old dinghy from the Lady Vain. They throw Prendick in the little raft that has neither water, nor provisions, nor ores, and set him adrift.
  • Prendick finds himself in the same weak-sauce predicament that got him into this equally weak-sauce predicament. He prays that God would just let him die. Seriously weak.
READ THE BOOK: Chapter 5

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