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The Island of Dr. Moreau

The Island of Dr. Moreau


by H. G. Wells

Edward Prendick Timeline and Summary

  • Prendick barely survives the sinking of the Lady Vain and is picked up by the Ipecacuanha where he meets Montgomery.
  • After being set adrift by Captain Davis, he takes up residence with Montgomery on Moreau's island.
  • While exploring the forest, Prendick discovers the Beast Folk—though he doesn't know what they are.
  • Prendick walks in on Moreau experimenting on the puma—which he thinks is a human. Fearing he's next, he flees.
  • A series of misadventures occur. Prendick joins the beast society, almost commits suicide via ocean, and learns the truth of Moreau's vivisecting.
  • While hunting the Leopard Man, Prendick corners the creature but decides to kill him rather than return him to Moreau.
  • Weeks later, the puma escapes. Prendick, Montgomery, and M'ling find that Moreau and the puma have killed each other.
  • While Montgomery parties the night away, Prendick gets supplies ready to sail away from the island.
  • Prendick hears a fight on the beach and rushes to help Montgomery. He finds his friend dead, and his supplies burned in a fire accident.
  • He lives with the Beast Folk, finding a companion in Dog-Man and an enemy in Hyena-Swine.
  • Prendick tries, and fails completely, to build a raft.
  • A boat washes ashore with two corpses in it. Prendick dumps the bodies out and uses the boat to sail away from the hellish island.
  • Prendick is rescued and brought back to London.
  • Scared by the events on the island, Prendick cannot live in London as everywhere he looks he sees the Beast People. He moves to the country and takes up chemistry and astronomy.